KF-PRO-005 Digital Pathology 5 Slides Scanner

Patologi Digital 5 Slides Scanner
Cepat, Stabil, Clear
Bright-field & Fluorescence
Clinic, bagian beku, pendidikan, telepatologi

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KF-PRO-005 Digital Pathology 5 Slides Scanner

  • Lightning Fast Speed

    15mm*15mm, 20x, 25s only
    Support 400 slides scanning one time

  • Quiet and Stable Scanning

    Magnetic suspension motor drive
    99.85% slides scanned successfully

  • High Fidelity

    High resolution 0.5 um/pixel (20X),
    0.25um/pixel (40X) WSI scanning

  • High Precision

    20nm positioning accuracy
    Support 80x magnification

  • High Compatibility

    Support bright-field and fluorescence
    Support different image format

  • Professional Services

    Customize products within a short time
    Provide in-time technical and after-sales services


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