KF-PRO-002 Digital Pathology 2 Slides Scanner

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Slides Scanner

KFBIO Digital Pathology Slide Scanner plays a leading role worldwide in movement accuracy,focus accuracy and image processing accuracy. Accurate whole slide imaging meets the requirementsof traditional manual slide viewing and operation. It’s also suitable for the AI-assisted analysis of digital images.

      • Lightning Fast Speed
        15mm*15mm, 20x, 25s only
        Support 400 slides scanning one time.
      • Quiet and Stable Scanning  
        Magnetic suspension motor drive, 99.85% slides scanned successfully.
      • High Fidelity  
        High resolution 0.5 um/pixel (20X), j0.25um/pixel (40X) WSI scanning.
      • High Precision
        20nm positioning accuracy
        Support 80x magnification
      • High Compatibility
        Support bright-field and fluorescence
        Support different image format
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