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Tissue Processing Center TPC 15

Flexible Tissue Embedding System in two versions

The TPC 15 is a closed tissue embedding system for the simultaneous processing of two (TPC 15 Duo) or three (TPC 15 Trio) protocols. With its great effi ciency, the TPC 15 replaces two pumping embedding machines for the price of one.
Our system is very flexible and enables the parallel processing of two or three protocols running at the same time. Each protocol offers a capacity of up to 220 standard embedding cassettes. With that, the TPC 15 contributes to a significant increase in productivity, and keeps maintenance costs and reagent consumption at a very low level.
Magnetic stirrers in the baths ensure rapid infiltration of the reagents. The TPC 15 has a pressure-vacuum function that can be selected for each step, as well as bath and draining times. The results are impressing with their excellent morphology. Rapid biopsies are possible in less than an hour. All parameters including beginning and end of a protocol can be selected for each bath station. The TPC 15 has a built-in exhaust for solvent vapors, with an integrated carbon filter for independent convectional operation, and a connection for external ventilation. The working area of the TPC 15 is covered by a transparent hood. Each station of the device is also closed with a stainless steel lid.

Wide range of possible applications

The intuitive user interface is clearly displayed on the large LCD display. The status of the running programs can be easily followed. An information table is shown for each basket, from which all the main protocol details can be seen.
The process temperature and the vacuum/pressure cycle which accelerates the infi ltration can be selected for each step. Protocols can be interrupted with access to the tissue samples at any point in the program sequence. The system also ensures the use of short, day, night and weekend protocols and thus enables efficient work in the laboratory routine.
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