About us

Who we are?

We are the specialist in Cancer Diagnostic and life science Research

We serve Indonesian healthcare and academic society for a decade with proven product and services quality. For a decade, Biozatix has been gaining trust and support from Indonesian’s leading hospitals, universities and research centers to work together serving our society.

Our mindset is always to be the solutions provider to help our valued customers. Therefore, we provide hands-on workshop and training to assist them to have a better product knowledge and understanding which lead into producing a reliable and accurate results.

As solutions provider, we always welcome any request to do comprehensive training and consultation related to our products.

In order to bring more added value to Indonesian healthcare society, Biozatix understands that we have to provide full range of products solution such as:

  • Basic Histopathology reagent and Pathology equipment:

Providing good quality histology equipment and consumables.

  • Immunology

Providing numerous ELISA kits for diagnostic and research, such as cancer marker, protein and hormonal test, virology test, antibodies, FITC labeled antibodies, etc.

  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunocytochemistry (ICC)

Providing complete range of antibodies and detection reagent work in single staining technology or multi staining technology. Including automatic staining equipment.

  • Molecular Pathology & Cancer Diagnostics

In-situ hybridization and Real time PCR to identify gene mutation and other genetic related cancer diagnostic test, such as Kras, Braf, Nras,EGFR

  • Immunology and allergic

sIgE, sIgG4 for atopic allergy or food intolerance, in ELISA format or POC Rapid test.

  • Biopsy tools

Core biopsy, interventional and special needles

  • Research fine Chemical and HPLC column

Extra pure chemical for research, buffer, reagent and HPLC column

  • Clinical Chemistry and immunology analyzer

The DRG:HYBRiD-XL® unique, fully automated, random access analyzer

To maintain our service level in the market, we regularly have trained our sales team and 12 sub-distributors across Indonesia. All of our distributors are exclusively committed to only promote and sale Biozatix products to hospitals, universities, industry and research centers in order to fulfill customers’ needs.